STUDY Montserrat1968

The works of Montserrat1968 are created through a peculiar and unusual process that goes beyond the academic and industrial logic: the object is born before, clear as a photograph in the mind of its creator Orlando Montserrat and as soon as the designer examines the forms and the raw materials or discover an object whose function tries to transform, is dedicated to its construction. The rendering is done as a support, as a demonstration model, and not as a starting point for the physical production of the prototype. The creation of the design piece is sometimes carried out in a traditional way in the laboratories themselves, sometimes in trusted workshops for the manufacture and processing of the pieces often assembled by the designer himself.
The laboratory has the multifunctionality as a source of ideas and narrative space: the designer Orlando Monserrat is able to tell the story and the motivations of each object produced and exhibited there and give a comprehensive advice in accordance with the needs of the client.