We seek the essence of the forms by re-establishing the concepts to create particular objects, in a game that often leads us to rediscover our own nature, from which we take inspiration.
Orlando Montserrat.

We work conscious of having to face difficult challenges to make our ideas work without neglecting aesthetics and quality.
The staff of Montserrat1968.

Modularity, flexibility, commitment, resemantization:
With how many words, similarities and with how many concepts can we indicate the design without defining it in a timely manner?
However, its intrinsic nature loves hiding from the masses, but sometimes it is shown to connoisseurs and experts.
Andrea Petreni (Master Made in Italy) for Montserrat1968

Light, a pivot around which life grows.
For centuries, the artist has tried in every way to manipulate and handle it according to his own ephemeral taste.
If Caravaggio painted in the light of a candle and he drew strength for his paintings, in our days Merz has used it as rays of light to delimit the spaces.
This ongoing research is precisely the one that today sees us engaged in proposing our creations.
The intention is to build with our hands what will then light up in yours.
A thought that becomes heat.
Chiara Di Salvo (painter) for Montserrat 1968