Montserrat1968: history, essence & strategies

Montserrat1968 founded in 2008 is the fruit of the passion, curiosity and entrepreneurial courage of three professionals whose synergy has given birth to innovative creations and new conceptual impulses: concept and realization of design objects, lighting and interior consultancy.
The goal of the Montserrat1968 team is to produce, exhibit and distribute products of great detail, experiencing unusual combinations, the study of light sources, atmosphere, lines, materials, manufacturing techniques and particular functions.
The key words in the team for creative work are: experimentation, quality, sustainability of the environment, and constant evolution, in a perspective that does not follow passing trends, but rather aims to recover the value of research, now abandoned for industrial reasons production.
Montserrat1968 wants to remain, through its design, linked to the productive and artisanal tradition of the territory, with the collaboration of artisan and industrial workshops and professional egregios in different production circuits, attentive to the needs of the market.
The artistic revolution implemented by Montserrat1968 is appreciable in an area that sees technology and aesthetics merging, craftsmanship and postmodern design, between ludic aspects and dynamic and luminous solutions, which play a decisive role in the definition of inhabited space.
In the production of Montserrat1968 microarchitectures stand out for lighting, a natural fruit of continuous innovative impulses that do not attempt to cause ephemeral astonishment.